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How to Write 2017 Common Application Essay Prompts 1-7

Here it is, all in one place—My 2017 series on How to Write the Common Application Essays.

In it, I tell you what the prompts mean and discuss their important keywords, plus let you know why you should choose (or not choose) a specific prompt, and how to find your best topic. I also give you successful examples and ones that aren’t so successful, so you can understand why.

My goal is to help you find and tell YOUR story. Because everyone has a story to tell.

If you need more help, I hope you’ll contact me for a one-on-one session or for an essay review. You can reach me through the contact form at the end or at my website.


Here are the links to posts in the series:

How to Write Common App Essay #1: Background, Identity, Interest or Talent
How to Write Common App Essay #2: The Lessons We Take from Obstacles
How to Write Common App Essay #3: A Time When You Questioned or Challenged a Belief or Idea
How to Write Common App Essay #4: A Problem You’ve Solved or Would Like to Solve
How to Write Common App Essay #5: Accomplishment, Event or Realization
How to Write Common App Essay #6: What Makes You Lose All Track of Time
How to Write Common App Essay #7: Topic of Your Choice


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