Applying To College

College Essay Writing and Interview Skills


Sharon Epstein write successful college application essays and ace college interviews

Sharon Epstein

Essay Writing
Resume Writing
Interview Coaching


I cover all aspects of  application essay writing, from brainstorming to completion.

I relieve family stress – no more being the “application police.”

Students will learn to:

  • Choose the right topic
  • Capture the reader’s attention
  • Convey what’s special and unique about who they are
  • Write an essay that gets noticed

I work with students to:

  • Organize their workload
  • Conquer the deadline crunch

Students answer essential questions, including: “What makes me unique, What are my strengths, What are my interests and values, How do I best convey who I am to the college?

I get to know each student’s  accomplishments, life experiences, and personal viewpoint. From there I guide him or her to the best possible topic choice and then through the rest of the essay-writing process.

We cover:

  • Essay structure
  • Word choice
  • How to use detail
  • How to get your point across and make it interesting

The result is a creative and compelling essay that is unique to the student and portrays him or her in the best possible light.

Where are the sessions held?

  • I work one-on-one, over the phone and by email, depending on the student’s location and preference.

The student is always the writer. I never write the essay.

Do you need just a little bit of help? 

  • I assist at any stage, whether it’s helping brainstorm a topic, making comments on a draft, or doing a final proof.


Knowing how to interview is an essential life skill. Whether it’s for college, job or internship, you have only a few seconds to make your best impression

Students will learn to:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Effectively communicate who they are and what they have to offer
  • Show that they’re more than their test scores and grades
  • Leave their nerves at the door

I specialize in:

  • Teaching students how to interview with a college coach

During our sessions we cover a wide range of possible interview questions and answers.

I take the student through a mock interview and practice sessions.

Students learn:

  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What kind of information the interviewer is seeking
  • How to make the best impression
  • How to combat nerves.

When necessary I teach students how to handle discussing a discrepancy in grades or test scores. Body language, such as making appropriate eye contact, will also be covered.

Sessions are billed at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more information.

Sharon Epstein