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Writing College Essays: Silly Grammar Mistakes

funny grammar mistakesNo college admissions officer wants to read a college application essay full of spelling and grammar mistakes — and you can be sure it won’t reflect well on you.

But there’s also another problem you can run into — you want to be sure that you say what you mean.

Take a look at the graphic – It seems like the police are getting quite an eyeful peering through that nudist camp wall, doesn’t it? Of course, the person who wrote it probably meant the cops were down at the police station filling out boring paperwork. But that’s not how it reads, and it’s a silly mistake.

Here’s another example of a silly mistake – in this case one missing comma changes the entire meaning of a sentence:

  • “Let’s eat, Grandpa.”
  • “Let’s eat Grandpa.”

In number one, Grandpa is being called for dinner. In number two, Grandpa is dinner (uh oh).

So remember – always check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar – and make sure that you say what you mean — or  you might end up eating Grandpa for dinner.

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